Our sales force uses CRM2013 with some individuals deploying through the Outlook Client and others through the Web Client.
All of our users have had difficulties with the right click menus when working within their Marketing Lists.

Once the Marketing List is opened and the members view is expanded; if the user sorts the list via a column heading at the top or if they utilize the filter option, the "Open in New Window" selection that should come up when one of the records is right-clicked on is missing. This creates a frustrating user experience since the user is then forced to click on the record, which changes the current page. When they complete their tasks they are now required to go "back" several times to return to their marketing list. In addition the sort & filters need to be reset each time.

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I understand the rationale the "pop-up redux" we've seen in CRM 2013+. But it has its disadvantages and this is one. Another is that the Open in New Window option isn't consistently available. If it could be an option of for ALL lists, that would be lovely. Also, if I'm opening several things, I don't want to have the focus switch to the new window each time. (This drives me insane when editing security roles.)

Category: General