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Category: Data Migrations

There currently is not a way to import in Dimension Values. In the Dimensions window you can set up your Dimensions, and you then click Dimension Values to enter all possible values for the Dimensions and users would like the ability to import these Dimension Values somehow.  In the Dimension Values window the Edit in Excel does now allow one to add values, there is also not an option for Dimension Values in the D365 Configuration Package, this is where I would expect it to be available to import, but nothing is available here.  Please add this functionality.

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Thank you for your feedback. You can now import dimensions values in Busincess Central (notice the "Dimensions as Columns" field in the Configuration Worksheet window).



Andrei Panko

PM, Microsoft 

Comments (7)
  • Can the field names be customizable for our business? And can our company change them or add to them?
  • It looks like dimensions by columns was added to the Configuration Worksheet but missed on the Configuration package card. Many users do not use the worksheet as they get more familiar with rapid start and only use the packages. Need to be able to select dimensions by columns in the Package.
  • just to clarify you can add the dimension value table and related combination table to Rapid Start (config package), however the dimensions as values does not appear to be present in the BC version vs on premise.
  • This can be done via the configuration package / worksheet using Rapid Start.
  • I found a way to perform this now. They need to be added in the design page within XL. 

    The values can also be added using the export to xl function in the value page. The ribbon is not always shown so you will need to click HOME and then use the Edit in Excel button that will be displayed


  • Trying to add this for a client who needs dimensions in the vast majority of their transactions, and I'm disappointed to find out this isn't part of the normal functionality. This will likely impact future opportunities, as we'll have to build in extra time to projects requiring this.

  • A bit of a miss really and has lost one customer already. How hard can it be to expose this feature as it is part of the product