With Dynamics365, especially D365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO), the idea of running ‘evergreen’ is booming. Keeping up to date with the latest and best of Microsoft applications. No more migration projects from old AX to newer versions of AX.

As a consequence, there will also be no reset / clean up of master data in migration projects.

Having that said, maintaining master data within the same system (D365FO) is even more important than ever, especially cleaning up master data.

Experience so far with D365FO learns that a lot of item data (released products) cannot be cleaned due to never closing financial transactions (e.g. Moving Average and Standard Costs controlled items).

So a process is needed that closes inventory transactions for released products that have an item model group with inventory model 'Standard cost' or 'Moving average'. Most logical would be, to enable this in the 'Closing and adjustment' functionality.

PS: If thinking of IDMF. Please be aware, that IDMF only cleans (archives) data, according Ax business rules. So it cannot clean/archive data, that has related not financially completed/closed transactions. And so is not a solution to the stated above, but only a means.

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Per Lykke Lynnerup

PM, Microsoft