Currently, the work order inherits the Price List value from the Work Order Type assigned. Often, the price list is actually a property of the Service or Billing Account. Recommend adding an option set field to the Work Order Type called "Price List Source" with values 'Work Order Type', 'Billing Account', and 'Service Account' which drive the record from which the Work Order gets the Price List value.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We are not considering the suggestion at this time, however, that is because it is already possible to satisfy this with OOTB behavior. Using entitlements, you can drive pricelist application through many different configurations. It will not apply at the WO level, but will apply at the specific WO Product or WO Service levels. It will even allow variable application with different pricelists applying to different WO lines based on their unique applications.

We sincerely hope you'll look into this existing feature as we believe it will allow this capability and much more complex scenarios.

Work Order Entitlements 

Jason Cohen
PM - Dynamics 365 Field Service