Refreshing browser either manually or automatically because the session timed out, will loose dynamics filters on form. End-users do not understand this and you risk that the user update data, they did not intend to update. Below is an example, the behavior is the same all over the application: Go to Project management and accounting > Projects > All Projects in the action pane click Plan > Item requirements > Item requirements. You now see the item requirement for that specific project. Now refresh the browser. You see all item requirements for all projects. User expects the dynamics filter is still on after refresh of browser.

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No current plans to implement extend the "Automatically update query parameter" setting to include parent context. That setting, under Settings > User options > Preferences > Miscellaneous, results in the URL being adjusted automatically when a filter (excluding the QuickFilter) is used to alter the visible data set, which allows browser refresh to maintain the current filter set. As noted, however, this option does not currently included the parent context filter passed to a form.



This is also a problem in Vendor / customer transactions. (Properly everywhere you have a filter from a previous from)

Category: User Experience