If you enter the zip code in POS, the data from the address book (that is available in D365F&O) will automatically be copied to the address fields in POS. For example, if you enter zip code “AAAA”, all the data, except the street, will be entered automatically. If for instance zip code “AAAA” is linked to city B and C, POS will prompt which city you want to enter. In many European countries, a zip code can have multiple streets. However, POS does not take the street into account. This means that POS automatically copy all the data in the address fields, except the street. The street must be entered manually. I expected that POS would also take the street into account. If a zip code has more than one address, I expect that POS will prompt which address I want to enter (based on the data present in the address book in D365). In my opinion this is a big issue for many companies since it is now easy to enter an incorrect address I would like POS to take the street into account when entering the zip code.

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Ideas Administrator

Hi Martijn,

Thanks for your idea suggestion. This approach might be well suited for European countries but in the other regions the area covered by Zip codes is so large that the list of street addresses would be unmanageable. I think ensuring that there is an extension point for you to create this experience in POS would be better than an Out of the box feature given that there are other critical asks on our backlog. 


Shalabh Jain - Senior program manager, Dynamics 365 for Retail