When working with Excel or SQL query results in SSMS or data obtained from the Dynamics GP database in many other ways, the data is usually space padded due to CHAR fields. Copying and pasting from grids like SQL server management studio results grid etc into GP will copy, say, the sopnumber including spaces. Attempting to then paste such fields into the form GUI fields such as the SOP Document Enquiry To / From edit boxes, for example, does nothing as the field length is too large for the field, hence the paste fails.

Paste that value in a text editor, take spaces off the end, copy back into the clipboard and then paste is then allowed.

This is time consuming and very common frustration when working between GP and other data sources.

Yes it is possible to RTRIM() all the CHAR field data extracted from GP, but in reality this doesn't happen when ad-hoc querying the database and often with data linked reports in Excel.

Finding a way to RTrim pasted content in such fields would remove a long lived frustration for many many users.
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