In order to improve the settlement of general accounts transactions and the analysis of transactions settled together, the idea is to add two functionnalities :

In "General ledger / inquiries and reports / trial balance - all transactions"

1) Add a check-box that enables to show only settled transactions (as the "show unsettled transactions only" button already exist)

2) In the transactions grid, add a number of settlement. This number will allow to see which transactions are settled together.
Category: General Ledger
Ideas Administrator

A new inquiry has been added on release 10.0.31 called Ledger settlement inquiry.  This page is patterned after the trial balance.  It allows the user to define a date range, and then choose to view Settled transactions, Unsettled transactions or All transactions.  We also added the Settlement ID as a way to group together transactions settled to each other.  We also added an Aging column to view how long unsettled transactions have been open.