There is a customer with his address located in NL. But they have a VAT ID for HU.

If we fill in HU as country-/regioncode we can fill in the VAT number HUxxxxxxxx, but then if we print the layout’s (order confirmation / Sales invoice / …) the address (country) of the customer is HU, where this should be NL...

If we fill in NL as country-/regioncode we cannot filll in the VAT number HUxxxxxxxx unless we go to the table Countries/regions and fill in the HU VAT Reg. No Format. If we do it this way, all the VAT declaration reports will be wrong...

In my opinion to be good, there should be an extra field on the customer/vendor called “VAT country-/regioncode” where you fill in the specific VAT Country. All the VAT related topics should work with this field. The standard “country-/regioncode” should only be used to specify where the customer/vendor is located. This means that on the document lay-outs (order conf. / sales invoice / …) this field (country/-regioncode) should be used.
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Thank you for reaching out. Your suggestion seems to be a duplicate of the following suggestion:  

Please add your valuable votes and comments to the suggestion above instead.

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I'm happy to that I'm not the only consultant who is struggling with this issue. Indeed please add this field 'VAT country region code' to the customer/vendor.

Also when posting documents it should be the VAT country region code that should be transferred tot the VAT entries instead of country code of the customer/vendor.

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