For a client that has a large volume of assets (75K) on a company and will need to process special allowance depreciation proposal (bonus) at year end for all new assets that year. Not having to be able to create the proposal and post the proposal in the background has become unproductive for the user. The user is waiting for 50 minutes until the proposal is created and then another 20 minutes while the proposal is posting. During this time they are continue hitting the ';wait' key as the "process is taking a long time" message displays multiple times. For the users this is highly unproductive as they are at a standstill to be able to continue doing any work within the D365 application until the process is complete. By having an option like 'Create Depreciation Journals' to process special allowance depreciation in the background would be very beneficial for the users as their screen will not be tied up and have to wait until the lengthy process is complete to continue working.

Category: Fixed assets