• Having this functionality would limit the need for AP to review transactions for the correct accounts or having to correct the posting with a general journal entry after the fact.

  • Workers select to break-down the sub-categories of the expense based on company policy

  • Unable to change accounting distributions to a different category than what is on the expense line

  • The posting to the correct account has tax and audit implications.



Using a Meals expense that is itemized and associated to a Project that gets recorded to the imported expense transactions. 

Meal itemization is broken out to separate sub-categories that have specific GL accounts assigned to the sub-categories for tracking purposes (Food and Adult beverages).  However, if a Project is listed on the itemization details, then it will not use that account on the sub-categories. It falls back to the Project cost account on the Expense category and then looks to the Ledger posting setup if there is not an account on the category.


Since the sub-category is essentially the closest to the transaction it is expected the accounts on the sub-category should be used. If there is no account on the sub-category, then merge to Category, Posting setup, etc.


Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.



Sara Schilke

PM, Microsoft