We are in the process of setting up Subscription billing in a lower environment. We plan to keep our current sales process which includes, Sales orders integrate into FinOps and are automatically associated with a project. All of our invoicing is completed through the project. We are seeing that when we invoice a split product the invoice printout shows the child lines and not the parent. We have the Recurring contract billing parameters set to 'Don't print child items'. However, we do not invoice from a Billing schedule and require this functionality in Project management and accounting. Is there another parameter we can enable or is this a bug?

Support response:

I was able to spend some time on this scenario this morning and was able to repro what you are seeing.


I was unable to get it to print the parent.  I was able to have a short dialog with the Program manager for this area. He indicated that what we are seeing is current functionality.  We don’t have an option on a project invoice proposal to toggle the child items as there isn’t an option for that. We have it on the sales order but not on the project invoice.    He stated that is a good request, but nothing they would fix in a bug since the functionality is missing altogether.


Thus, I would recommend making a product suggestion for Printing the Parent item on the Project invoice. Our product managers review these suggestions regularly when considering new features and product enhancement.