Function: Picking & Receiving / open TO or PO with the new 10.0.6 version the PinPad is now fix and not in "po-up mode" anymore. In general this is a benifit to speed up some processes. (less clicks) But due to that the fix PinPad is now taking more than the 50 % of the whole screen the product/line overview only shows 2 lines. Which is obviously not the idea of an detailed overview. The suggested workaround to zoom in/out in windows is not userfriendly as well due to that the users/staff have usally less IT skills. So the suggested idea is to have the ability to configure the size and/or place of the PinPad

Ideas Administrator

Thanks for the product suggestion. In case you're not aware, since 10.0.9 release, any new features in the POS application that are related to receiving or shipping purchase orders or transfer orders will be added to the Inbound Inventory and Outbound Inventory operations. If you're currently using the Picking and Receiving operation in POS, we recommend that you develop a strategy for moving from that operation to the new operations. Although the Picking and Receiving operation won't be removed from the product, there will be no further investments in it, from a functional or performance perspective, after version 10.0.9. - Boyce Zhu, Principal Product Manager, Dynamics 365 Commerce



Much needed feature, with the current Pinpad we don't have an ability to resize and adjust the placement. This is causing issues when we use screen layouts with different resolutions.

Category: Inventory management