When a new customer/vendor (with an automatic number sequence) is generated, the party number and account number never match.

Example for 'Company A'
PARTY0001 - Company A (party)
ENT1CUST0001 -Company A (customer role in entity 1)
ENT2CUST0001 - Company A (customer role in entity 1)
ENT1VEND0001 - Company A (vendor role in entity 1)

Since this is all the same account (company A) it would be more logical that they all can have the same account number. A lot of times the user will remember the account number by head and will try to search for it in the system. A lot of users expect to have the same number for all accounts (but don't want to enter it manually when creating the accounts)

When creating accounts the account number an party number have to be synchronized.

Example for 'Company A'
ACCOUNT0001 - Company A (party)
ACCOUNT0001 -Company A (customer role in entity 1)
ACCOUNT0001 - Company A (customer role in entity 1)
ACCOUNT0001 - Company A (vendor role in entity 1)

We have had this question on almost every customer project so would be very nice standard functionality to have.

Vendor/customer role are unique so seems possible to do with those roles. For contacts (1toN) this is not possible and not needed.
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