On a time and material project, one can request customer advance in two ways.

1. Request a customer advance (Specify value)
2. Request customer advance as a percentage of revenue budget (Specify percentage to calculate value)

When creating an invoice proposal using option 1, system automatically populates Item VAT group on the transaction line.

However, mysteriously same behavior is not observed if an invoice proposal is created using option 2. Here the user has to manually select item VAT group. This manual selection is not advisable as it is relying on the user to make correct selection thus potentially increasing chances of error and process inefficiency. There's no reason for option 2 to behave differently to option 1.

Can this loophole be plugged to ensure, Item VAT Group is automatically populated on the invoice proposal. This will also ensure consistency in how customer advance can be requested accurately using both options.


Amit Bhawalkar
Needs Votes