At the moment the companies which are using Customer Voice can not change the date format from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy.

This is confirmed by DEV Team.

Can this be changed in the back end.

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Customer voice should work the same way for regional settings like other MS productions.

Problem: People who have devices purchased in the UK and set up with default UK regional settings that work with all other MS products do not get the correct regional settings in customer voice.

There is an unusable workaround which is for each survey recipient to go in and change their default UK regional settings but this is too much to ask for a survey, many will struggle and it might change the behavior of other functions.

The workaround is not practical - if we send out several thousand surveys we cannot ask all recipients (who may not have experience) to go to settings and change their default regional settings.

Solution: We believe this should be a straightforward fix given the described manual steps (which are to change regional settings to another value). Customer Voice should just pick up the default regional setting from the browsers and display date fields based on that setting.

Add in this used to work for voice of the customer and Forms but is not working here.

This is impacting the rollout of a child immunization program and we would really appreciate it being prioritized.

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For mexico this applies too

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For customers based in the UK where dd/mm/yyyy format is generally the standard, this would be a valuable change/update!

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