Description: As Resource Allocator validate initially RAs Team resources are displayed in Schedule Board. It is suggested: Remove all the filters in the "Filter (Schedule Assistant Filter)" section view except "Team" and click on "Search" button. Expected: System should search based on Project calendar set up start and end time and not setting the same based on something else. This is ending in Resource unavailability. RA must change filter rather than system is setting the same automatically. Actual: It cannot be that RA can create an assignment and completely ignoring demand start and end date! System must prevent such behaviour and this is mentioned in multiple US but was also mentioned multiple times in several WS's. FYI: If you like to talk abut this case in MS internally Jason du Blessis & Daniel Sabater (as well Sourav in the past) have been our contact points in MS.

Category: Routing/ SLA
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