Ref. to article "https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/finance/general-ledger/one-voucher" , It seems that Microsoft did not take Norway localization needs into consideration. Norwegian companies must apply Norwegian accounting practice in their business routines. In this regard, they must use one-voucher for several purposes. We have listed out some of them as follows:

1-Payments in / out We sum up deposits and payments per. file received as the number of payments is many and the amount must correspond to the amounts the bank delivers on bank statements. As an example a customer which has thousands of payments per. day and many hundreds of payments per. day.

2-One-voucher prevents posting of vouchers such as incoming invoice against several postings. One voucher does provide the opportunity to split an posting of incoming invoices on several project categories or several projects, several fixed assets, etc. This happens quite often with our customers. This should/must be taken into consideration that companies using Project Management & Accounting must be able to split the invoice amount into several projects. One cannot expect the vendor to split invoices pr. project that are supposed to "share" the invoice amount. They have not necessarily the knowledge of how their customer will do the accounting. This is also a relevant scenario on Fixed Assets. Example is an invoice regarding 100 computers, where each and one of them are supposed to be separate assets. The ability to split vendor invoices must kept for several sub-ledgers

3-Some customers used One-Voucher on the old ERP solution that they had and the ERP solution that they have right now. Example that is common in the shipping industry: the need to post to both customer and supplier on the same document: D customer, K supplier, K finance.

4-Accruals and periodic journal are common routines that are done with One-Voucher

5-Customers which have moved from AX2009 and AX2012 to D365FO, They still use One-Voucher according to their business routines.

6-Several integrations are built up according to One-Voucher as the request of customers. For example. Incoming invoice approval. We use arrival registration and invoice approval journal in D365FO where we in the approval journal differentiate costs against several financial accounts, financial account per financial dimensions, projects or project categories

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Thank you for the feedback.  All of the scenarios included in this suggestion are known scenarios, and are included in the One voucher documentation.  Each scenario will be evaluated to determine a better solution to eliminate the issues with reporting and settlement.  



Not just Norwegian application - this would most likely also be of benefit for neighboring Sweden as well

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