In version 10.0.4 validation was introduced to ensure posting for item code ALL has been setup, when running inventory close.

The following error message will result if you don't have posting for ALL.

Setup of fallback ledger account with item code all for Inventory expenditure, profit is not specified

I don't understand why we need a posting for ALL when we have a posting setup for every item group. Because of this we have to put a dummy account for ALL, even though the system won't use it because we have a posting setup at the item group level.

I would suggest changing the validation to check if there is posting setup for every item group if no GL account is specified for ALL. Or just let the system throw an error when it tries to post the adjustments.
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It will not be fixed by Microsoft.
Issue : 333157

Microsoft has reviewed this issue and has determined that the feature is working as designed.
As part of closing when it posts to ledger step settlements to be posted are expected to have account of these 2 types set in order to them to know which account to pick for posting. If these 2 are not set, then the settlement doesn't know which account to pick, and fails at the ledger step in a non-recoverable fashion.
Worth noting there is nothing to be nervous about because
1.- These 2 accounts are used for closing only
2.- These accounts need to exist if closing is to be successful

Category: Cost Management