Can you allow for existing objects for Item Attribute 7500 to support different record types and not just items? If the table structure can work on generic Table Id concept it can be enhanced by partners to support other master records through subscribers and new page actions from extension.

We are currently using Item Attribute objects in our extension to allow adding attributes to other master records like: Fixed Assets, Employee, Customer, Vendor,..

We enhanced original objects to work with generic Table Id concept and not just Item record (TAB27). We found that many of the original functions in Item Attribute management already support that structure,

Adding attributes and filtering based on attribute value can work also when attributes are added on pages for Fixed Assets, Customers, Vendors...

The biggest downside currently for using existing Item Attribute objects is that Caption, labels, Text Constants are hard-coded with words like 'Item' and 'Item Attribute'. This would need to be refactored to use value from record like "Table Caption" so that for attributes assigned to Table Id 5200, Page Caption and all errors would use Employee Attributes,
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