Searches in the schedule board which is accent sensitive related.

When I try to find a resource which is called "František Šmíd" I have to type "Šmíd" and not only "Smid". In another part of the system, I am able to find both ways (Šmíd/Smid).

We have seen that searches like (Relevance search, Quick find, etc) are and can be enabled for search where an exact field, keyword, similar word, matching words can be specified for an entity.

The schedule board, however, uses web resources and is build to search using the retriever resource query mechanism where an XML has been defined on how resource records are fetched, filtered and sorted based on their constraint

Out of the box, searches for a resource in the schedule board will return a query for the system users setup in the dynamics environment.

Is possible to change this to Relevance search, Quick find, etc.