In the fixed assets area, reclassifications of fixed assets (from one group to another) are covered by a functionality in D365 (mainly from "under contruction" to the final asset group), not by a posting entry.

However, from financial reporting perspective reclassifications need to be tracked as postings. This means, we need to define

1. Reclassification (gross acquisition cost) and

2. Reclassification (cumulative depreciation)

as additional posting types, to be tracked in the GL and to be reported on in the asset balances.

This is very much a standard requirement. Since this requires at least 4 posting transactions, the background postings may be defined similar to disposals where also some additional postings to the sales/scrap main account entries are done.

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Hello Hans-Jürgen,

I agree that you should to be able to identify asset reclassification transactions in G/L. On the subledger transactions, there is already a flag to identify reclassifications, but in G/L you don't see that.

However, instead of adding further posting types (you would need an additional type for each of the already existing posting types), I suggest to use a financial dimension instead. I have introduced a dimension "Movement type" with several customers that allows to track the type of movement for various balance sheet positions, such as fixed asset, equity and provisions. Thereby, you can easily create schedules in the financial reports using only the G/L information from main account plus this dimension.

Unfortunately, such a dimension brings some other complications, for instance that you will have to set a specific value for this dimension in case of a reclassification. But still, I would actually prefer to be able to set more default dimension values for specific processes such as this one, instead of adding additional and having to maintain further posting rules.

Kind regards, Oliver

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Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider it in our roadmap.


Sara Schilke
PM, Microsoft

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