-The [Quantity] field of the "Warehouse Shipment Line" cannot be edited.

-We want the [Quantity] field of the "Warehouse Shipment Line" to be editable.

Under the current specifications,
When allocating from the "Sales Order Line" with the "Warehouse Shipment"
The [Quantity] field of the "Warehouse Shipment Line" insert the [Quantity] of the "Sales Order Line".

As (example), there are cases where you want to create and manage multiple "Warehouse Shipment" with different numbers for partial shipment processing.
This can be achieved if the [Quantity] of the "Warehouse Shipment Line" can be edited.

"Sales Order A" ... [Line No.]=10000,[Item No.]=B,[Quantity]=3

"Warehouse Shipment X" ... [Item No.]=B, [Quantity]=1, [Qty. to Ship]=1
"Warehouse Shipment Y" ... [Item No.]=B, [Quantity]=1, [Qty. to Ship]=1
"Warehouse Shipment Z" ... [Item No.]=B, [Quantity]=1, [Qty. to Ship]=1

thank you!
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