It is a very common scenario for a new D365 user to encounter the D365 out of the box Notification/Error page if CRM license or security role is not assigned.

Unlike SharePoint, there is no provision to submit a request/email from that screen so that designated admin for that CRM instance would receive an email to take it up for follow-up. For large enterprise not having this ability translates into lots of internal IT support tickets or increases the IT support call volume. Inclusion of following/at-least one feature/s would be a great value add -

a) Ability to submit access request on error screen to trigger an email to designated instance admin
b) Ability to customize out of the box Notification/Error page to accept the request form or a place holder to announce a custom message with support email/phone etc.
c) Ability to redirect to a custom URL configured by admin

Category: Admin Center
Needs Votes
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"Ability to submit access request from Dynamics' error screens to trigger an email to the designated environment admin." is a feature ask that we are waiting for more votes up for reconsideration.