TLDR: Microsoft plugins could use some documentation on what they do, and error codes that they might output (preferably with possible causes if not a snippet of code). This will give customizers another tool to work with when solving issues.

Recently I lodged a support ticket to help solve an error code from a Microsoft plugin. The error code being "Estimates header is missing". Looking online there was no information for that error. The support experience was good and the issue was solved after a week, having been elevated to the dev team to troubleshoot. The cause of the issue was that a plugin which created the estimates header had been switched off (Nobody had recently touched the plugins for PSA. I suspect it turned off as part of a first time around failed update possibly). I was thinking this kind of problem would have benefitted from some kind of publicly available documentation. While there is no guarantee I would still be able to solve the issue myself, it would have been nice to have something to attempt troubleshooting with.
Idea applicable outside of D365 PSA also.
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