When to create a Picking list for the products which are in On-hand, or predicted items in Production orders, the issue is just included in this process, so that they cannot proceed to Shipment.

Steps to reproduce the issue.

1. Use Company USMF
2. Navigate to Sales and marketing -> Customers -> All customers
Select US-002 and Click Edit
Set “Invoice” as Invoice and delivery on hold
Click Save

3. Navigate to Sales and marketing -> Sales orders -> All sales orders
Click New and enter as following
Customer account: US-002
Site: 1
Warehouse: 11
Click OK and create Sales order line.
Item number: D0001
Quantity :1
Click Save
Message is created as follow.
4. Navigate to Sales and marketing -> Sales orders -> Order shipping -> Generate picking list
Set sales order number created by step 3 as Sales order
Click OK
Actual result:
Error occurred.
Expected result:
 Error should not occur.Then, the error message should be clarified for users, because it returns the system msg.

Category: Inventory
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