Currently the check of uniqueness of a category name is done disregarding the place within the hierarchy. Example: Level 1 Level 2 value 1 Level 3 value 1 Level 2 value 2 Level 3 value 1 As in this case Level 3 value 1 is created on two different places within the hierarchy they are unique however D365 gives error that it is not unique which makes the check on uniqueness not correct Error message: Cannot edit a record in Category (EcoResCategory). Name: XXXX. The record already exists. Repro steps: 1 Create a category 2 Create a category node -> level 1 3 On this level create a new category node --> level 2 4 On level 2 create a new category node --> Value 1 5 On the level 1 create a new category node --> Level 2a 6 On level 2a create a new category node --> Value 1 7 save --> error message It should be possible have identical names within different levels within the hierarchy. A structure which is presented as a structure should also a have a validation as a structure

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We have made a conscious design decision, that categories are shared entities across category hierarchies.

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