CURRENT FUNCTIONALITY: A prod order in status Released, where picking work has been created , will get “marked for deletion” for all capacity reservations” after I run scheduling while open picking work exists. The user thinks this is capacity reservation “on the way out” but the opposite is the case. This is a temporary hold status of the capacity reservation. After picking complete, it will come right back as normal capacity reservation. ….

The capacity overview in Master planning includes “marked for deletion” records which now I really am happy about. This means we can use that without filtering since the “ghost” capacity reservations for ended orders and RAF orders I hope have been removed. Yet the entire "marked for Deletion" behavior I consider unacceptable. Root cause is Advanced warehousing picking work causing these records that are a mystery for the average user.

PROPOSED FUNCTIONALITY: 1. Eliminate the status “marked for deletion” capacity reservations records. See item 3 for detail. 2.Remove the dependency of open picking work and prod order scheduling. This is functionality that is not needed. With regular warehousing you don’t get an error when you have an unposted picking list journal while you run scheduling. 3. When scheduling gets into an error like missing calendar or effective date of calendar not in current date range, do not do anything in the capacity reservations table until the user has fixed the error. 4.After RAF status, all capacity reservations of a prod order should be removed. (I guess the hot fix that is on the way will do this)

Category: Planning
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