On the Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Update 2020: Payables Management form changes including the NEW 1099-NEC!! Blog, Question & Answer #7 recommends adding a product suggestion for this functionality. I didn't see it already in here so I am adding it now. Please vote for this. This is going to be a huge problem for many customers if their integrations to other applications no longer update the 1099 NEC information correctly.

Question 7: When I try to integrate payables transactions with the new 1099-NEC tax type, it doesn’t work.

Answer 7: The new 1099-NEC tax type/boxes were not added to Integration Manager or eConnect and are not supported with those integration tools. If you’d like to see this functionality added to Integration Manager, and/or eConnect you can enter a product suggestion for that here:
Ideas Administrator

At this time there are no scheduled plans for updates on eConnect or Integration Manager
There may be some quality issues fixed with the procedures over time.




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I was importing 1099-MISC with multiple Boxes, 3, 4, 15 and 17 and it dropped every single amount into Box 3 only - in the past it never did this - always was able to map the box number to the field in the Integration this year I could not even see a place to map the box number (and we have it in the source file) - this is a huge problem!

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This needs to happen NOW!!!!!!!!

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This is a big deal if you cannot integrate any transactions with vendors marked as NEC.

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This is needed in Integration Manger as well

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