D365 should throw some error/notification if there are any lines which are in estimated state (which will not be considered in invoice as they are not marked as status- used), when the system status for work order is changed to Closed- Posted. Which will enable their technicians/users to put forward all the lines and costs associated with it and it will ultimately involved in invoice which is created.
Category: Work order
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback.

While I could envision a particular organization working in this way and would encourage you to extend the system to drive work in this way when it makes sense, we do not think this makes sense at the product level.

Ultimately, we think it is very valid to have WO Products and WO Services on the Work Order that, when they do not get used, never change out of the Estimated state. Using Incident Types may mean that WO Products and WO Services are added to a Work Order because, in doing work of that type, it is very common that these Products and Services might be used and charged for. However, we understand that not all Work Orders within an Incident Type are the same and it may be common that some are unused.

As notes, we think this may be valid behavior for some business processes, we just don't think it makes sense to enforce for everyone or for all organizations.

Please continue to share your feedback.

Thank you for your insight,
Jason Cohen
PM, Dynamics 365 Field Service