This past weekend, I migrated a company from QuickBooks to Financials.  I ran into all sorts of unnecessary issues that at least doubled the time for doing this.

As an example, your "RapidStart" doesn't import quantities for inventory items.  O.K., so I figured I would enter inventory items through RapidStart, and then use the "Export to Excel" function from with the "Financials | Item List" to export the items, enter the quantities, an then publish the updates back to Financials.

Unfortunately, quantities aren't updatable when I try to "publish" the Excel spreadsheet back to Financials.  Consequently, I had to step through the item screen (one item at a time) in order to add the quantities on hand.

Were your ears ringing?  If not, they should have been...  You allow inventory adjustments from the Item card, why not allow them through "RapidStart", "Export to Excel", or both?

By not allowing us to do this en masse', you nearly made this task impossible to complete over a weekend.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We released this feature as part of the functionality in October 2018 release of Business Central. 

Please refer to the following link for more information: 

Using Create Item, Vendor, Customer of G/L Account Journal lines as described in the topic above you can prepare journals for preparation of opening balance posting. 
When this is done simply open the journal in excel and add amounts, quantities at what ever detail you want and post them to create opening balances.
For example, Create Customer Journal Lines creates a journal line per customer. For some companies it will be enough to have one opening balance entry per customer, others may want to create journal line specific to each open document particular customer has. Level of detail is what you need to decide upon and when you're complete publish this back from Excel to respective journal and post journals. 



Ivan Koletic

PM, Microsoft 



There is easy process for posting initial inventory and it should be done via Item Journal. It can be done in BC in bulk (one line per item) or using Rapid Start.

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