Hi all,

At the moment it is only possible to embed an Event Registration Form on an external website using the Form Hosting Script.

We need to be able to choose an Event Registration Form OOB when creating a Marketing Page or at least be able to embed it in the HTML using the Form Hosting Script (this was actually possible a couple of months ago, but not anymore).

I believe this is a very important feature for the practical use of the Event module.

Please vote!

2023 Release Wave 2
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Thank you for your feedback. We are going to review this idea for possible implementation. Sincerely, Petr Jantac, Microsoft



This 100%, you already have marketing page templates that are meant to be used for event registration. It's a shame that this is missing.

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totally agree... it make no sense to create a form 'event registration' and then avoid the possibility to put it in a landing page...

Category: Marketing Pages, Forms, and Surveys