We find that the search capabilities between Microsoft's different solutions are not quite the same. 

For instance, Finance & Operations has more options for more targeted searches than Customer Engagement currently has. 

When you have a list page open in F&O, you can easily search on the different column headers in F&O, making it easier to search for a specific record. Meaning that on header 1 you can do an exact search, where on header 2 you can use wildcards,...

In CE, you have the advanced search where you have to specify a correct search string in order to find the results. 

For users who have to switch between the 2 applications, this is can be quite confusing. 

In addition, in F&O you have more search options on header level such as 'is one of'. 

This allows you as a user to easily see different search results in one view. 

E.g. the customer has to be of type X and Y

In short, it would contribute to the realisation of a one ecosystem if CE's search options were aligned with those of F&O.

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Ideas Administrator

Thanks for sharing the idea and votes. It would be great if you can also provide some supporting screenshots