Just completed year 1 on 365BC. Accounting went to run 1099 reports for vendors we are required us to have our legal name on them. We have our DBA name in the company information so transactions all across our business are recognized with our vendors and customers. possible work around is changing it temporarily running reports then changing back again. or modifying the reports. Would be nice to just have the ability to input our legal name and DBA name and the system auto recognize when to use for IRS documents or 1099 reports and to use DBA name for purchase docs and sales docs.
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Thank you for your feedback. It seems that requested feature has meanwhile been made available. We will look at this request also when we start with redesigning 1099 form functionality.

Aleksandar Totovic
PM, Microsoft



Not sure if this should be added to this request or a new one but we also need the ability to send vendor 1099's to a different address

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