The ability to embed a powerapp into CPOS/MPOS was shown in the D365 Retail Spring release video by one of the product developeres (I can no longer find this video)

This functionality has been released into F&O with the ability to add powerapp access. In the video, the Microsoft demonstration showed a powerapp icon at the bottom of the POS layout, which then opened up into a Case Management PowerApp screen.

Could you please advise if this is already available, and if not if it is being released soon as I have not seen any documentation on this. If neither of the above then I would like to submit this as an idea
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Thank you for the product suggestion! We will continue to monitor this idea and the votes to determine if it will be given a position in our backlog.  -Holly Haines, Principal Program Manager



Hi Tom,

I believe this functionality is related to 'Show URL' operation in POS introduced some time ago. Because PowerApp when published, receives global URL.

Check documentation about Show URL operation on MS Web site: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/unified-operations/retail/open-url-in-pos

Also some time ago I wrote a post about PowerApp & POS, you can check it here: https://uptail.net/powerapps-integration-with-retail-pos/ - it does not use Show URL operation, but custom POS operation was created for this (Show URL has not been yet released)

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