We have Sharepoint online document management integrated in a MS dynamics 365 portal.

Currently, we are facing a blocking issue with the maximum file upload size on the MS dynamics 365 portal being restricted to 50 MB. Our requirements is that applicants (portal users) should be able to upload large files without the need of splitting them.

Therefore, we request to raise the maximum file upload size limit to at least 200 MB.

Sample scenarios requiring the upload of large files:

- The medical documents (pdf files) of applicants in our case may become unusually large due to a high number of embedded high-resolution images. The same scenario may also apply to other industries.

- In the engineering sector an applicant may be required to upload large CAD assembly files to the portal of an engineering office.

- A law office may need to allow the upload of large amount of ESI data (electronically stored information) to its portal for future investigation by its lawyers.

- A VFX specialist may need to upload large visual effects files to the portal of a music/sound effects studio.
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