We are a global company that heavily utilize Dynamics CRM across the globe. Our instance is hosted in EMEA but we have a large user base in North America and APAC. Patch updates (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2925359/microsoft-dynamics-crm-online-releases) are installed typically mid-day NAM time which is after hours for EMEA. We cannot re-host the org in another region, as that would simply move the problem around, nor can we easily split the orgs into regional instances.

These patches can sometimes take the system down or make using the system excruciatingly slow while being installed. The installs can take up to an hour on some occasions. The patches are installed at least twice a month if not more often. This is highly disruptive to our business.

I would like to have more insight into precisely when a patch is getting installed, and if possible the ability to schedule that patch.
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