In the configuration PAckage / Worksheet when you select the errors there is no filter pane (and no option to add). Many times when working with a customers data errors showing all errors for a table is a good way to communicate the issues to the customer for correction.
Also we need to be able to select the rows in the Config Package Records and/or Configuration package Errors and copy and past rows to excel or send to excel. Then we can send the customer the records with errors and the associated error to the customer so the errors can be reviewed and resolved.
Ideas Administrator

Good news! We've got a bunch of powerful features available in the Business Central October '18 update that might help you narrow down the set of records and then copy them elsewhere for your customers to correct:

  • The new filter pane that allows advanced filtering on multiple columns including writing complex expressions with ranges, formulas and filter tokens.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to copy & pase rows.
  • Copying from Business Central to Excel

Read more in the October '18 release notes for Business Central.

thanks for your efforts to help shape Business Central,
Mike Borg Cardona
Program Manager at Microsoft