and case [REG:112051847659628] Publishing Customization issues
The scope of the case is to resolve the issue where you are unable to "Publish All" customizations in CRM 2011 due to the following error:
"role With Id = 97a24b0d-68e4-e011-8ee1-1cc1deea2f87 Does Not Exist"
If a new issue comes to light while resolving this issue, a new case will need to be created.


You had custom forms that, at one time, had a security role attached to them. This role was deleted. However, the forms still had a reference to that role.

The GUID contained in the error was not in your database anymore.

Here is what we did to resolve the issue:

� On the custom form in question, hit �Save As�.
� Save the same form as a new copy, such as �2�
� Verify the roles attached to this new form.
� Delete the old form in question.
� Change the display name of the new form to what the old one was. This avoids user confusion.
� Save the new form and have it replace the old one.


A security role attached to that Custom form was deleted, and the form still had a reference to it.

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