This is mainly for companies that have a large amount of Bank Sweeps, which are internal bank transfers due to automatic clearing movements - p.e., at the end of each day/week, the balance of most Bank accounts is automatically transferred to a main Bank account.
This is an automatic Bank process that could also be automated on the ERP side.

When D365 receives the Bank statement, these kind of movements have the same "Entry reference", so, when using the Automatic Bank Rec along with the "Mark as new" functionality, that could allow D365 to run a rule that automatically recognizes all movements with that "entry reference", and posts to the main Bank account.
The main idea is to have the "Mark as new" tool extended to "Bank" movements, instead of only GL.
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That’s a good idea! Or at least have an option to transfer the movements to a General Journal ("Transfer to a General Journal"), as it exists in NAV / Business Central.

Category: Cash and bank management