We have regulaly Clients ( and internally we also have the same issue) that have several mailboxes to monitor
Example : their private mailbox ( bill@ttt.ch) + a generic mailbox (info@ttt.ch)

They do not want to have all emails from either mailbox tracked in CRM ( queues cannot be used tin this case) but they need to be able to track mails from both mailboxes. This in not possible so they move the mail first into the main inbox then track it. It is confusing and most of the time they give up tracking their secondary mailboxes

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Hi Dominique Aboudaram,

This can be done in server-side sync as long as both mailboxes are set up correctly in web client, if you are looking for synchronization and auto tracking. At this moment we do not support tracking from different mailboxes in the same Outlook Client. Thank you for your feedback. Currently this is not in our immediate roadmap, however, we are tracking it and if we indeed get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in future.

Gordon Chang

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