Maybe very close to the idea: https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=22431cfb-e1a4-e711-80c0-00155d7cb38d

It should be possible to allocate or distribute costs on a combination of cost objects. With the dimension hierarchies linked to only one cost object, this is not possible currently.

Consider the following GL Transactions (for the same period)
1) Account 6000 - BU A - CC X 10'000$
2) Account 6000 - BU B - CC X 8'000$

Since each Cost object hierarchy can only be associated with one dimension, how - with the above transactions - allocate or distribute only the 10'000$ from the CC X (BU A) and not the 18'000$ ?
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This kind of allocation is a real basis function for every cost accounting software. Microsoft must upgrade this one dimension allocation to many....

Category: Cost Management