There seems to be no way to determine whether a purchase document (i.e. a P.O or a Purchase Invoice) has been generated from a sales order.  If one has been generated, there seems to be no way to determine which one it happens to be.  In experimenting with this functionality, I can also create any number of duplicate P.O.'s or Purchase Invoices from the same sales order.

After I've created a P.O. (and especially a Purchase Invoice) directly from within the Sales Order screen, I should at least get a warning if I try to create a duplicate.  I should be able to navigate from the sales order to the applicable purchase document.  I should also be able to navigate from the purchase document to the related sales order, as well.

This kind of functionality is essential for managing purchases when these are directly related to sales.  This sort of functionality is basically available for drop shipments, and should be available for normal shipments as well.

Category: Sales
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We released this feature as part of the functionality in sales orders.

From sales order you can now create a purchase order (by clicking Create Purchase Order) for line items where item availability is insufficient to satisfy demand on sales order. Clicking on the item availability quantity in Sales Line details fact box on right side shows you related purchase orders. Clicking Create Purchase Order again, you'll get couple of cues that this is unnecessary. First there will be notification saying that all missing items are ordered, then quantity to purchase will be set to zero and finally if you click OK to confirm creation of purchase order, Financials will inform you that no purchase orders were created, thus avoiding duplicates. 



Ivan Koletic

PM, Microsoft