It is possible to extend the POS(call center to handle attributes in a sales order.

Related docs article regarding this particular feature:

Unfortuantely those retail attributes are not available for sales quotations. The method of real-time service = GetCustomerQuote does not have logic to fetch and return retail attributes.

This is due to the fact that attributes are not supported in sales quotations, which is breaking the consistent user experience of the supply chain here.

Hence requesting to also support attributes in sales quotations in the near future so they are part of the whole sales process.
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Is there any update on retail attributes are not available for sales quotations?

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For 7.3.5 situation is different:
1) RTS saves attributes for sales quotations
2) Unfortunately, RTS does not link attributes to quotation lines correctly - for example, Attributes from Line #2 are saved as Attributes for Line #1
3) RTS never returns saved attributes when quotation is recalled in POS

Hope this will be fixed one day... now our support ticket is closed as By design

Category: Quote operations