When product variants are already released in specific companies, you cannot release them via "Variant suggestions" or create them manually in another company in the released product variants form. An error message occurs: "Product variant with specified dimensions has already been created."

This reduces the workflow of the employees managing the products and variants for their specific company.

A simple example:
- Product "0001" is produced/sold in USMF with 2 variants ("Blue" and "Green")
- it is therefore created in "Released products" form by the local employee in USMF
- Product "0001" is also produced/sold in DEMF but only variant "Blue" because they are not capable to do "Green" at the moment
- There are 2 possible processes now:
1. The product manager of USMF (or the central master data management) releases the product "001 / Blue" to DEMF
2. The product manager of DEMF (or the central master data management) finds the product "001 / Blue" and releases it to DEMF
- That's all working fine because the product managers (or the central master data management) are working in the form "All products and product masters", they know the process how to release a product (and their variants) and they have the security rights for that

Then, 3 weeks later..
- In the meanwhile there were some additional variants created by the local employees in USMF (like "Red", "Yellow" and "Orange")
- the local employees work an the "Released products" form because they are not interested in the shared product level and there is no useful information there (or they neither have rights to open "All products and product masters")
- on the other hand the local employees in DEMF are creating some additional variants as well because it's the same product and they can produce it in different colors
- in this case they want to create "Yellow" (which was already created in USMF)
- they just go as usual via "Released products > Product dimensions" and see that it already exists
- so they are kind of confused but think "ok, probably somebody created it for me"
- then they go (as usual) to "Released product variants" and see that "Yellow" is not there
- so they click "Variant suggestions" because it should be there, when it already exists in "Product dimensions" but well, it does not...
- then they are kind of more confused, so they try to create it manually and select "Yellow" in the dimension field and save

--> Error message "Product variant with specified dimensions has already been created."
--> The users thoughts: "?!"

From the end-user's perspective the suggested way to release a product via "All products and product masters" and the release-wizard is not usable because the end-user mostly doesn't know about the other company's product variants. In some cases there are more than 100 variants created per product in a month and it should be easy for the user to select an already existing variant (and not to release it via a wizard). The end-user should "not care" about the releasing on a shared level. The mighty functionality of shared level and cross-company supplies should work in the background and the user-group, which creates product variants, doesn't care about that.
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Thank you for your suggestion. If if gets highly voted, we will consider adding it to our backlog. 


Beatriz Nebot Gracia,

Program Manager, Microsoft