A wish we have received is to change or remove dialogs in different scenarios. For example the ship order flow the customer does not want the sales clerk to add any charge but rather an automated logic. Also they don't wish to show the date dialog that comes after. But we need logic that sets the date and charge in these cases automatically. So an option through extensions to auto solve or create or own versions of standard pop out dialogs.

In the transaction flow the customer does not wish to show the Change dialog at all (Remove that extra ok). Instead they wish the change to be shown in a box in the transactions view as a reference in the few cases change is to be returned. (To show last receipts change in the transactions view can be done today through custom controls).
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Thanks for the feedback. We made the Shipping charge dialog, pickup date and shipping date dialog overridable. Now extensions can override and decide whether to show that dialog or do the logic in the extension code and hide it. You can also do post validations.

Category: Extensibility and Developer experience