Any financial transaction batch (whether vendor/customer invoice, expense, payment, journal, etc...) should post in the same fiscal period to prevent reconciliation timing issues.

Ideally there is a built-in control to ensure this happens and prevents one expense report from being split between two fiscal periods. One way to do this is to assign a fiscal period or posting date at the batch-header level (note that all transaction batch headers had a fiscal period in Oracle Financials for this reason).

Background: Currently the system uses the transaction date as the accounting/posted date so an expense report can be split between two periods if it contains expenses spanning over two months that are currently open. (We had instances of this at the beginning of the month where a user was fully up-to-date and submitting Dec/Jan at the beginning of Jan while both periods were still open.) Prior to that the expense managment module would split the same vouchers between two different periods.
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