Most marketing automation systems work with file explorers. This makes it easy to group records for example all records related to 'campaign x'. I understand that this is not how dynamics works, but at the very minimum, it should be optimized so that people can manage their records more easily.

For example 'files'. Here we upload pictures that are used in emails etc. This quickly becomes a giant mess and we now have written all kinds of documentation so that people only create files in a specific naming structure for which they than can create views. This is a big hassle in comparison with a lot of other tools. The files entity has key words which is an added benefit, but if we for example look at the customer journey/marketing form entities, this quickly becomes very unorganized. We have to keep adding system views or users have to keep creating their own views which they must share. This is very user unfriendly.

Also, any decent sized company for example quickly accumulates dozens of forms and starts multiple customer journeys on a weekly basis. However, they are always related to a certain campaign. Now people have to navigate from entity to entity to get the information they want related to that campaign. 1. open the journey, open the emails associated to it, the marketing forms/pages etc. (and yes, we also supply them with power bi reports, but this should work out of the box).
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