Issue: Check links and reconcile takes far too long to run

If the business logic were pulled out of dexterity and these were re-implemented in SQL using set based operations, this would transform a very painful aspect of running GP on large databases. 

Once in SQL it could be scheduled from SQL jobs and results emailed via SQL for those of us with those skills. This would address the issue of unattended scheduling of these tasks which is another suggestion. 

Even if just the key three pilars of SOP/POP/IV modules were addressed, I'm certain an operation that currenly takes more than a weekend duration to run (currently), would be reduced into minutes. 




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Hi Tim,

Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider this one (along with your other suggestion) for a future release.

Jodi Christiansen

PM, Microsoft



I agree with Mariano and Tim,
However, I could see why this got declined by Microsoft.. allowing to run those processes outside of GP could lead to some unexpected results if someone is working in GP while this runs.
Especially when those process get scheduled to run overnight, and there is no mechanism in place to prevent users to login into GP.. (aside of putting the companies in maintenance mode).

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I would much prefer to see Check Links and Reconcile operations moved to set operations in SQL Server, perhaps as part of stored procedures, rather than Dex code.

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