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I have a client who would sign up today for D365 Financials if the Item Description field was larger.  right now it appears to be limited to 50 characters.  He need it to be at least 1000 characters.


I am aware of the extended text availabliity, but these also are limited to 50 characters and to enter the description they need 50 characters at a time is a poor work around.


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Updating status to reflect Andrei's message.

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  • 1. Item no. should be longer at least 40 characters.

    2. Item Name suggest 100 chars.
  • I am against to extend the field. If it is description, it should be in different field than Name. If the name need more than 50 chars, I expect that it includes data, which are not supposed to be there. E.g. we have one Wine importer and they wanted to put the name, year, supplier and volume (unit of measure) into the name. Yes, this is long. Right now we are changing this and they will put the name and year there, but supplier and volume will be in different fields. Best is to put them into attributes and than it is question how to show the attributes when looking up the item...
  • Which problem are we trying to solve: 1."Description is too short to enter product name" or 2."Description is too short to enter detailed description of product"

    If the answer is "2", how this extended description to be used? Should it be printed in documents/reports? Should it be visible in the list page? Is it needed in the journals, document lines, BOMs,...?
  • This is not a trivial change as it will cause issues with every report and page where the item is used. The Description 2 field is available for extended descriptions and attributes can be used to shorten descriptions.
  • This is a huge issue for my company as well. We are a wine importer and a distributor and it looks so unprofessional to have things like Chat. du Pape instead of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Seems like such a silly limitation and makes no sense to rule out customers who need more than 50 characters. 

  • Thank you both.

    I agree that 50 characters is not enough, but there is no plans on extending these fields in the nearest future.

    @others: please vote - we continue monitoring this suggestion.

  • I also have a potential customer who needs this functionality or it will be a show stopper.

  • Another option would be to set the extended Text field to at least 1000 characters.